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    Dual Boot Help - 7 + OSX

    Hi Tony, The EFI OS X entry didn't work for me back in December when I was using build 76. The current version is build 93 and perhaps the EFI OS X entry does work now. So you may want to try the method in the previous post first. If it still doesn't work, then delete the EFI OS X entry and...
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    The File nst_mac.efi is missing or corrupt

    Try deleting and then re-adding a new Mac entry with mode MBR. Once the file has been added in your C:NST folder, rename it to nst_mac.efi.
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    how to dual boot Win 7 and Snow Leopard?

    From what I've read, you need to load your Windows 7 installation disc and select "Repair", not "Install". Hopefully, this will repair the bootloader file so that Windows 7 will boot up. If it cannot, then are you prepared to re-install Windows 7? Anyway, if the repair works, then once it is...
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    Dual Boot Help - 7 + OSX

    Glad to be of help! Seems like a very simple solution. Not sure why this hasn't been posted anywhere else. God knows I searched for a very long time!
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    Dual Boot Help - 7 + OSX

    I had a similar problem up until just a couple of hours ago. In EasyBCD 2.0, when adding the entry for Mac, I selected the MBR mode and saved the settings. This should add an entry into your pc: C:\NST\nst_mac.mbr by default. When I rebooted and selected Mac OS X, it gave me an error screen...