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    EasyBCD 2.0 BEta

    Sure, let me try. I will try the new build 61 with "Grub isn't installed to the MBR/bootsector" checked. Addendum: Thanks a million. It worked. In the previous build I changed the neogrub file to have command "configfile /grub/menu.lst". That didn't work for me. But the same command works...
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    EasyBCD 2.0 BEta

    hi 007, I am using a separate /boot partition. I tried editing neogrub. I changed the line "configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst" to "configfile /grub/menu.lst" It didn't help. I suspected incorrect drive mapping and added root(hd1,0) before the configfile command in neogrub file. that didn't help...
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    "GRUB_" Ubuntu Boot Error

    I have installed Fedora on a IDE drive. My system drive is SATA. Inspite of checking "Grub isn't installed to the MBR/bootsector" the fedora goes to 'grub>' prompt
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    EasyBCD 2.0 BEta

    Hi, I have tried, as you suggested to use version 2.0 beta release, to boot Fedora 10 from IDE with "Grub isn't installed to the MBR/bootsector" checked. I have Windows Vista and WIndows 7 on Sata drive. My Master Boot loader is still Windows' boot loader. Obvioulsy I have used EasyBCD to add...