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    Repair with command line

    Hi, sorry I haven't been at home for a while. So I've found triple hélix.log, and took a picture but actually I don't know how to post it from my IPhone. (and I've got also a problem with the homepage of the forum which is half-cutted on my screen). For thé Windows installation where and what...
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    Repair with command line

    No, it says unable to find any valid windows partition on this computer. And it also advices me to try to recover with testdisk. For the command Line it says, when I type bootrec.exe/fixmbr, not found.
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    Repair with command line

    Hi, First I wanted to thank you for sharing this really usefull software. I decided to use it as I didn't make a recovery disk and as my recovery partition wasn't working anymore. I downloaded Eazy RE and I burned it on a DVD with ImgBurn as it is said. And that's working I arrived on the...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi everybody, I'm a newcomer as you see. I found this site by chance (and that's the word that's fits the best cause in french that means luck). So I started fixing my probs, I still have some but I climbed a really high step with your help (I'll post a thread about 'em). I'm really happy to be...