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    EasyBCD does not let me add Ubuntu on my dual boot menu.

    I assume your PC is UEFI. If you had a working dual-boot, it must have been Linux in control of the boot process EasyBCD and UEFI
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    BCD on another disk

    What do the Disk Management flags say is "boot" when you try to boot the SSD ? Disk Management flags have the following meanings "boot" = "this is the system you're running" "system" = "this is where I found the boot files for the currently running system" "active" (on the first HDD in...
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    Boot MBR GPT

    Have a read of Windows and GPT FAQ It should tell you everything you need to know.
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    BCD on another disk

    The disk letter given to the OS is set at installation time and recorded in the registry of the created system. It's not influenced in any way by the boot manager. You can boot multiple systems as C from the standard Windows bootmgr. It doesn't matter that when you boot one, it refers to the...
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    Recreation of EFI Partition

    Duplicate - closed
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    Recreate EFI System Partition

    If you have a W10 installation medium, you can use that. Otherwise on the working W10 Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disc Then boot that (three times) and "Repair your Computer" > "Repair Startup"
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    Linux on second HDD

    It's been many years since I used Linux (10 probably), so not really up to date on the subject, but I seem to remember it's like booting multiple XPs. i.e. you can't have multiple entries at the bootmgr menu. I think you need to put the two linux entries in the grub menu and boot via a 2 stage...
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    Refuses to boot into second partition on same SSD

    No problem. You are not the first person to come here reporting from an OS they think they can't access. It doesn't help that MS uses a reverse naming convention to the rest of the universe. Causes no end of confusion.
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    Refuses to boot into second partition on same SSD

    At the risk of repeating myself "EasyBCD plays no part in the boot process. That's all MS bootmgr. " The Disk Management screen shot you attached, shows that when you boot into E that's the system you're running on, whether you realized it or not. Disk letters are virtual, they don't actually...
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    Refuses to boot into second partition on same SSD

    That "auto load .." field specifies which BCD EasyBCD is working on. It's not a self reference. Unless you are deliberately continually working on the BCD of a different offline OS, there should not be anything specified in that field. I was urging you to check that nothing was specified there...
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    Refuses to boot into second partition on same SSD

    EasyBCD plays no part in the boot process. That's all MS bootmgr. EasyBCD (no matter which version you have installed) is executed on a running OS to make changes to the contents of the BCD. It's not active at any other time than when you start it and instruct it. If you see those contents...
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    Desperately in need of help

    Get a friend with W7 to Control Panel > Backup & restore > Create Repair Disc Boot that (three times) and select Repair your computer > Repair Startup
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    Can't Open Easy USB Creator Lite

    "Cant Open....." and " opens..." The function of the program is to load a disc image (ISO) to a USB stick and make it bootable. It's just asking you what you want to make bootable.
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    Can Not get to one partition on my drive

    Afaik you don't need to be on the affected system to follow that script. By definition, you're there because the affected system is u/s.
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    Quad Boot issue win xp, vista, 7, and 10

    Read down that FAQ I linked and it'll tell you what will and won't boot in UEFI GPT Also this about the problems of trying to mix ACHI and non systems on one PC HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows