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    What does the metro bootloader option do ?

    To be honest I don't know what EasyBCD's response would be since there's nothing there to enable. Either an error message or a crash I'd guess.
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    Weird problems after second Windows 10 Installation on second HDD

    Sounds like your original W10 was installed UEFI, and you've installed the new one legacy. Check EasyBCD "view settings" or use bcdedit from an elevated cmd screen, and see whether bootmgr is loading Winload.efi on one and Winload.exe on the other.
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    What does the metro bootloader option do ?

    No such thing in W7. Only an option from W8 onwards. (It's the blue GUI version instesd of the black command-line)
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    [grub4dos] the windows 10 boot option is gone

    Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD
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    Win 7/10, moving MBR etc

    Did you use Changing the Boot Partition ? That was an alternative to moving W10 across If you've done both, you've created un unnecessary copy of the boot files from A into C and made C "active". Simply flipping the "active" bit back from C to A using disk management should resume booting from A...
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    I Want to Change The Jpg In EasyBCD

    EasyBCD is not bootable. It's just a utility for managing the contents of your BCD store. It runs as a Windows .NET application. When you boot your PC, EasyBCD takes no part. It's all MS bootmgr. Not quite sure what you're referring to, but try right clicking on your desktop and selecting...
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    ISO File Editor - Anyone Recommend Good ISO Editor

    If you mean "edit the EasyRE ISO" then stop looking. There's nothing to edit. Simply burn the ISO (exactly as downloaded) to a bootable device.
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    Win 7/10, moving MBR etc

    Changing the Boot Partition will allow you to copy the boot files to C and make that drive bootable with the SSD disconnected, but since you want to use the SSD as your OS home, you'd just as well delete the W7 partition and use a Partition Manager to copy W10 into that space. Keep the HDD...
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    A UEFI PC looks like this, with an EFI System Partition (and no active flag) UEFI accommodates MBR drives but it won't boot from one, just uses it for data, so you must be booting in legacy mode. In that case, I can't see how you're booting at all, since the first thing that happens after POST...
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    Do you have your folder options set like this ? If not, do so. The boot files (for MBR/BIOS) are directly in the root (i.e. C:\boot\BCD) but are super-hidden so you need folder options as above to see them. The boot files...
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    Changing Boot Mode from UEFI to Legacy

    EasyBCD and UEFI
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    Click "Yes" on that EasyBCD error message and it will go into a standard Windows "Open" dialogue. Just choose your C disk.
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    pc wont start at all after using easy bcd

    What damage did you see ? According to this Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) Beep Codes Diagnostic Indicators faulty RAM should have sounded 2 or 4 beeps as you powered up.
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    In that case, navigate EasyBCD to C manually and post the "view settings"
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    can't download easyBCD free

    I just tried it and it successfully downloaded in a couple of seconds Try again.