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    Our Best Photos [56k Warning]

    Took these pictures a couple weeks ago, they contrast pretty well with the snow picture i posted a while ago (Three years ago? Doesn't really seem like it...) in the winter. Not the best of pictures, taken through my windshield with a phone camera and not touched up at all, but gives you an...
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    Happy Birthday, Peter!

    happy birthday, peter! late, as usual.
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    Happy Birthday, Justin!

    happy birthday, justin. ... *goes back into hiding*
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    Post postmark

    probably didn't get to any special number of posts, just dropping in to say hi. congrats, pc eye.
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    Post postmark

    the cake is not a lie. happy birthday.
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    startup repair; please help !!

    you might have killed the hard drive, do you have another computer you can try using it in?
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    Desktop Screenshot thread

    don't get too excited.
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    Happy Birthday Saxon

    happy birthday saxon. this post isn't late at all.. >.>
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    it's used a lot on wow.
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    my internet decided to go out since i got a new computer, lol. it's back up now. and i've been alright. since i'm too lazy to type it: it could be better but it's decent for $550 [edit] nachos with barbecued pork are ftw.
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    new computer. how's everyone?
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    xbox hard drives

    damn. lol.
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    xbox hard drives

    i have an xbox [the old kind, not the 360] which has a dead hard drive. its definitely the hard drive, i tried it in another power supply and it still kept making loud clicks. i have two other drives i can use, but the xbox doesn't recognize them so i'm assuming i need to format one to make...
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    The Introduction Thread

    it was only down for half a day? O_o hey aligator. [edit]i meant when we were still using ipb for the forum
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    The Introduction Thread

    *points at makaveli* close to the same thing the second time i joined...i was here before the site went down for a while.