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  1. doyling

    Replacing Vista with Windows 7 in Multi Boot

    Hello, first of all, you guys rock. I have had more fun playing with multi boot and really appreciate your guidance. My traditional problem is I jump into something, muck it up, read half the instructions, muck it up again, start over, muck it up, then read all the instructions. For this...
  2. doyling

    Dual Boot XP and Win7

    I know I am smarter than this, but all the fiddling in the world has not worked and I humbly surrender to you for help. My main goal is to have Windows 7 and XP in dual boot. I also want both to load as C:. After much fiddling, and dozens of reloads and hours of reading, I give up. I can...
  3. doyling

    How I was able to triple Boot with existing Vista install

    Sorry long post but I hope somene can benefit from it. My triple boot project. I am starting with a former dual boot machine running XP 64 and Vista 64. Originally, when I set up this system, I loaded XP64 first, then loaded Vista. This allowed both OS's to land on C: during their install. One...