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    Easy BCD does not start anymore

    Hello, I used the "free" version for long time with success. I requested to start my version but nothing was happening.. so I decided to install the latest version .. free BUT same result : installed, selected the link but it does not start Win 10x64 Dual boot Recommendations? Thanks in advance
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    Restore / rebuild bootloaders using EasyBCD?

    Hello, My mistake , I have done some thing stupid on my multi Boot system x64 . I had a triple boot working >OK. 1/ Win 8.1 with all usual applications 2/ Win 8.1 with Microsoft Flight Sim FSX Steam Edition 3/ Win 7 pro with Microsoft Flight Sim FSX After some stupid manipulation I have lost...
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    Win 8 installation

    Hello, Windows 8 not available in the Type of Operating System. Thanks