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    Vista upgrade to SP1 problem with HnS

    I upgraded my duel boot system Vista to SP1 - the result was that HnS no longer displayed at startup - I restored to the earlier version but still no HnS I then uninstalled and reinstalled HnS but no screen appeared at startup but I was able to Access the drives using the BCD screen. I then...
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    Vista XP Dual boot with HnS

    I have after some considerable time restored the Vista Dual boot and XP. To take the advice of the forums I also installed HnS and set the boot time in Easy BCD to 0. When I try to access Vista HnS displays the message "Windows could not start please reload Windows root>\system 32\ntoskrnl.exe...
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    Vista Crash

    I have a sony laptop which is about 12 months old. As Vista does not support many programs I use I created a dual boot Vista/xp using Easy BCD etc. On a recent opening of Vista the BSOD was flashed and the system crashed. I entered Safe mode checked the Device Manager and found no conflicts did...