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    requiest sound controller

    hi in my last orginal windows 7 in hp pavilion there is sound controller in screen control the high and low of sound how to get this tool or programe
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    Ram Limitation

    how to make disable ram limitation in system 32bit i see that before in windows royal home premium 32bit work all 4 GB ram not just any windows 32bit work only 3GB ram is that any way or software to make windows 32bit work all 4GB ram i Know just 64bit systems can do this put i see system...
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    is that virus or what how can removed it

    is that virus or what how can removed it :booyah: in my system vista ultimate 32bit the windows stoped can't makke any orders i loke to resource monitor on disk i see many of svchost.exe when it decrease the window can make orders easy bet by bet so is that virus or what how can i removed it
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    Making recovery partion

    good morning every one:) i have laptop HP pavilion DV5 1155ee i lost the recovery when i change the hard drive i put win vista hp original without indention & any thing i put 9.7GB free space drive far the other partions to put the recovery how to make the recovery for windows vista 32bit...