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    how to bypass BCD in case of failure?

    I have three matched hard drives, that once had Vista and now have Windows 7. BCD worked perfectly, as i could boot to any of the drives. [this is my own backup method--three identical drives] BCD worked perfectly. But one time I either added a USB device or perhaps removed one--I don't...
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    BCD lists myserty "U" drive and not my drives

    Two internal matched laptop SATA drives and a backup Esata drive. [i have had so much grief with Vista that i want backups] Although oddly numbered, this worked perfectly for six months: Drive 1 C vista Drive 1 G data Drive 2 F vista Drive 2 I data Esata 1 L vista Estata 1 M data On...
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    What does easyBCD "point to"?

    EasyBCD is the greatest Vista thing I have every seen! Dual booting to vista\vista. I have an identical second drive which is updated nightly. Both boot perfectly, thanks to the easyBCD menu. I added\removed a few USB devices and rebooted, and lost both hard drives. The error was...
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    Dual boot: Vista\Vista laptop with eSATA

    I have a laptop hard drive [C] and a fully working eSATA copy [E] both are intentionally identical, so if one fails, I have the other. It's my way of making backups--to an eSATA drive. I used another product for the dual boot, and it works perfectly, about 2 or 3 times out of five. Not really...