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    How to get rid of win98 loading screen?

    Well, I am running DOS on a system, and I loaded it on using the sys c: command, and I see that stupid windows 98 loading screen whenever I go into the operating system... does anyone know how I can get rid of this and have it just go to the command prompt? Thanks!
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    Vista boot loader on first sector of partition?

    WELL, I have been messing around trying to get this system booting with a whole bunch of operating systems, and I think I have finally found a solution... NOW, the only problem that I am having is that I need to just boot everything from the boot.ini to I want to AVOID having the vista...
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    Run EasyBCD without Vista

    Well, I am trying to set up a system with Red Hat Linux and Windows XP - I want to boot linux off the boot.ini (and I know this is possible, but am having some problems) I remember reading somewhere that there was a way to use the Vista bootloader to boot all your operating systems even if you...
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    Disable User Logon Screen?

    I am wondering if there is a way in VISTA to disable the user login screen. I know there is a way to disable it in the beginning, but is there a way to have the computer NOT lock when it goes into standby or hibernation mode? I dont have a user password set up, so its really annoying that it...
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    iReboot Beta

    (Editor's Note) Download iReboot now!! Well, I set up my entire complicated Vista, XP, DOS, Linux quadruple boot system, and now I am being told that running easyBCD every time we need to change the default bootloader "is too complicated" SO, I was wondering how / if I can just make a small...
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    Boot DOS, Vista, XP, Linux

    Help to boot DOS, Vista, XP, Linux? Well, I guess this might be a bit overly complicated, but lets start by getting dos and Vista working together, then we can worry about the other 2 operating systems. I think that getting Linux working with EasyBCD should be pretty easy, so I am not too...