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    [EBCD-421] BootGrabber writes boot.ini to wrong partition in certain cases

    There's a thread that describes the EasyBCD Boot Device at What is EasyBCD Boot Device? - The NeoSmart Forums I have a disk that contained Ubuntu (primary active partition). I added 2 primary partitions to install Windows 7 on. I installed Windows 7 to one of the new partitions. When I booted...
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    [FIXED] EasyBCD 2.0.1 writes boot.ini to wrong partition

    I was testing out EasyBCD's new Windows XP feature. I used EasyBCD to edit the BCD on my Vista 64 partition and added two entries for the Windows XP partition on the same drive and another XP partition on another drive. I also added a third entry using the automatic mode. This properly created...
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    EasyBCD 2.0 b97 overwrites all MBRs even on disks with no MBR

    Bugs: - I'm not sure which option in EasyBCD caused the problem (probably in Bootloader Setup) but I noticed that block0 of my Apple Partition Map formated external FireWire drive was overwritten with a Windows 7 MBR. EasyBCD seems to modify every MBR on all attached disks (I have 4 internal...