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    xp drive letters and system volume wrong after install

    hi, i have triple boot system with xp/vista/ubuntu and i want to reinstall xp because i messed it up a bit. my partition layout is like this: <primary ntfs xp> <primary ntfs vista> <primary ext2 /boot> <logical ext3 / > <logical swap> <logical ntfs data> now during/after the installation...
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    Triple boot, XP-Vista-Ubuntu from GRUB

    hi, thanks a lot. worked like a charm ;) i still have some questions though, would be great if someone could help me there: first, when i rewrote the bootsectors following the post above i missed out the last line about bootmgr and bcd having to be on the vista drive. so i couldnt boot into...
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    Triple boot, XP-Vista-Ubuntu from GRUB

    Hi, I'd really like to stay with grub if it's not too complicated. I'm mostly a Linux guy and i only run XP for gaming and Vista out of curiosity as i got it for free from my university. I read somewhere that Vista needs its loader to be on the first partition. If this is true i somehow had to...
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    Triple boot, XP-Vista-Ubuntu from GRUB

    Hello everyone ;) Is it possible to boot XP Vista and Ubuntu all from grub? My situation for now is like this: 1 drive, first partition houses WinXP Pro, the second Vista Business and the third is Ubuntu's /boot. I first installed XP, then Vista and finally Ubuntu. I installed grub in MBR and it...