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    Change Vista BCD Menu Item Text?

    I have two menu entries. One says "Microsoft Vista" and the other says "Microsoft WIndows". I'd like to change the second entry to read "Microsoft XP" - but I can't see any way to do that with easyBCD?
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    Vista/XP Dual Boot displays menu twice

    Thanks for the pointers. Figured it out. Had to point both entries in boot.ini to "2nd" partition where my XP OS is installed.
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    Vista/XP Dual Boot displays menu twice

    Had a system crash. Reinstalled Vista and XP from backups (Vista on drive 0, partition 1, XP on drive 0, partition 2). Now when I boot the system the dual boot selection menu comes up, but if I select Windows XP, the dual boot menu comes up again (showing both Vista and XP as choices again), and...