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    easybcd won't run

    easybcd won't run just reinstalled win xp and wanted to make sure easybcd would stat and it doesn't easybcd has encountered a problem and needs to close. eventtype : clr20r3 P1 : easybcd.exe P2 : P3 : 4ael5ec0 P9 : system invalidoperationexception i have uninstalled and re...
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    first steps

    wells looks like i cocked my pc up not knowing what i was doing and looks like a fresh install is gonna happen so can someone tell me the best way to set up win xp and win7, I have 4 hard drives installed ide 75 gb with xp on although through my medling can't boot to it now ide 75 gb empty...
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    well first of all hi to all, got directed here because i searched easiest way to dual xp and win 7. but when i try to install easy bcd onto c it says can't find the things it needs i don't even see the easy bcd screen, anyway hope to learn.