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  1. Piko71

    How to extend W7 partition?

    Hi, sorry if it is obvious for all but me. I need more place on W7 partition so I shrinked the other one but cant extend the W7 partiotion :rage: Is the some way to do it? Please help me?
  2. Piko71

    How to move MBR from the old HD?

    Hi everybody! I am back with the new question :D! May be I should to continue with the old thread but I was unsure if you'll find my question so here it is: My double boot is working perfect, thank you! But I want to throw out my old HD...
  3. Piko71

    EasyBCD 2.02 cann't find my WindowsXP!

    Hi I am new on this site so I want say hello to all of you first. Sorry for my English which is not my first language. My problem is that I have had the dual boot menu done with EasyBCD 1.7.2 which wasn't working when used to start Windows XP. It looked like this: I wanted to repair this menu...