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  1. ewerwerwe

    no thread in my profile

    why there is no thread in subscribed threads in my profile. even i wrote 8 threads.still no threads it keeps showing me no subscribe threads. and i search my threads and post manually in the forums list not from the my profile whenever i post them and to see the reply.
  2. ewerwerwe

    neo smart tech products help?

    are all neo smart tech products are free l and open source? please list the all commercial or free neo smart tech products and their use?
  3. ewerwerwe

    where to download apple os for my pc?

    i want to install and use apple os for my pc my hardwares are............... intel@ 1.6 dual core sata2 hdd 7200 rpm 2gb ram biostar 945gc micro 775 mobo do you know where to download or the version suitable for my pc for apple os.
  4. ewerwerwe

    need help on linux

    i have tried linux first time and i have many many question to clear! first do we need a anti virus programme for it i mean if i use pan drive or cds frequently or dwnld files from internet then does all this increase my system Vulnerability in linux! does linux more secure than a...
  5. ewerwerwe

    multiboot only display one f8 options.

    i have 4 OS in 4 partitions but only first partition shows the press f8 options and i have no choice to debug my other OS in case of need. c - win7 d- xp e- ubuntu f- fedora so only in win7 option i can use f8 options but system do not show press f8 option for my remaining three OS. do you...
  6. ewerwerwe

    motherboard is giving no output to my peripherals

    what to do if your display is not working, i checked there is no output for my keyboard and monitor please tell me how to resolve it. i cross checked every hardware of my computer . but things not working just in my motherboard. all component working fine in another motherboard. what i have done...
  7. ewerwerwe

    need easy bcd community help to resolve system disk error

    I had a dual boot SYSTEM:) AND FOUR PARTITIONS C,D,E,F. c contains xp d contains xp e contains no os f contains no os installation of window 7:booyah: i decided to remove xp from c and installed win 7 in c but a problem arose system only boots from win7 not from xp. so i posted a question...