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    Hello All, Paul's the name. I joined maybe a month ago. My system just quit, The computer has both Windows 10 and 8 on it. 2 seperate partitions. I purchased the windows 10 & later the 8 version. I only use automatic mode. Now when I run the programs it gets me to the screen that says you can...
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    Exterminates commands help?

    I’m looking at the screen but there aren’t any help files? How can I find out if the program has fixed anything? It says it has, but I haven’t seen a login screen, yet and I don’t any command line utility. So please HELP! So I can find out if I’ve done the right thing. Thanks, L8R
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    Easy recover?

    Ok, I’ve managed to eget the program thru all it’s process to tell me to remove the usb drive and to reboot, but that hasn’t happened. So I tried the command line, but again there’s no help, I want to know how to test the drive. Also I’d like to know what is it supposed to do? I thought it would...
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    Hello all I'm new here.

    Hey I was wondering are the files in the software library available for the public, meaning us to download? Like I want a USB bootable maker program and saw one on their list and wondered if we can download it. Also I need an IOS maker program which is what they said you'd need for the program...