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  1. Catz88

    Boot from VHD entry not showing in windows boot manager

    I have created an external media boot entry and selected the vhd file but this entry is not being shown in windows boot manager. EasyBCD shows this entry and it is saved but windows boot manager doesn't show it at all. All other entries created with EasyBCD work well except NeoSmart VHD Image...
  2. Catz88

    Is there any way to run Clover bootloader from EasyBCD?

    Hello, I need to make some kind of an entry in my windows bcd to make Clover bootloader start from a hard drive I don't have clover bootloader installed I have an ISO file with clover bootloader but it doesn't boot via ISO booting option Maybe extract this ISO to a folder and then make a new...
  3. Catz88

    How to boot Windows XP Live CD iso ?

    I have downloaded Windows XP live CD and would like to add an entry to boot this ISO. Tried booting ISO file from the menu Neo Smart ISO entry, the loading process starts but ends with a BSOD. What can I do? How is it possible to boot Live XP iso image with EasyBCD? I have win 7 and win 10...