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    Can I use EasyBCD with Windows XP?

    Hello specialists, after removing succesfully Mint 11 from my laptop (see recent thread) I wanted to help a friend removing Ubuntu 9.04 from an old dekstop with Windows WP in dual boot. Installing EasyBCD is no problem but when I started the programme I received the warning that EasyBCD does not...
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    How to remove Mint 11 and revert to Windows 7 only?

    Hello forum members, I run a laptop (Toshiba L-505 10M with 500 GB HD) with a dual boot Windows 7 (64b) and Linux Mint 11 (64b) with one HD. On C:/ I have everything Windows and on D:/ I used part of the avalable space to install Linux. Everything runs to satisfaction but I'm planning to pass...