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    Dual boot on UEFI system with 2 discs, GPT and MBR

    Hi,I cannot find the answer to my problem so I am hoping someone here will have the answer. I have just built my new PC with a UEFI bios and have W8 running on an SSD that is set up as GPT. I have now put in my old HDD from my old PC that has W8.1 RTM on the first partition but is set us as...
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    Easy BCD 2.1.2 has "lost" Windows 8

    Hi, today I installed W8 preview on my machine alongside 2 w7 partitions and an ols XP partition. After the installation of W8 I managed to boot back into my main W7 patiton and then updated easyBCD to 2.1.2. all the partitions showed up just fine and I re shuffled the order. After a re boot...