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  1. Terry60

    /EndEntire Issue On Windows Booting. Dual Booting Issue After Installing Phoenix OS,

    Windows bootmgr will not boot "foreign" or legacy OSs under UEFI
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    Can EasyBCD make old PC boot from NVMe SSD in a PCIe slot?

    EasyBCD is not a boot manager. It's a Windows .NET application to help you manage the MS bootmgr's BCD store without needing to master the clunky, old fashioned, user unfriendly MS bcdedit command line utility. If bootmgr won't allow what you want, EasyBCD can't change that.
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    Windows 11 requires UEFI and TPM 2. You won't be able to upgrade on any PC that doesn't meet the minimum h/w requirements. Even my 2014 UEFI PC is not (yet) eligible. I say yet because I'm expecting that later builds might loosen the restrictions on using W11.
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    EasyBCD and Lick Bootloader

    EasyBCD is just a .NET Windows application. It's not a boot manager or loader. It just helps you manage the BCD store used by MS Windows bootmgr. Installing it on your system will do absolutely nothing to affect the way the PC boots. Only running it, and making changes to the BCD will affect...
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    Since the boot partition is on the same drive as the OS, I'm not quite sure why you want to get rid of it anyway. You'll just gain a small but practically unusable space in front of your OS(s). That is the normal configuration for a Windows installation since Vista. That was the last version to...
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    Resetting the BCD is only for when it's been corrupted, and will just give you a good (but empty) BCD and you should have seen IN BIG SCARY FONT a warning NOT to boot your PC until you'd added entries for all OSs you want to boot. You can verify that the copy boot files function worked by just...
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    Problem getting Fedora 34 WS to boot

    UEFI ? See EasyBCD and UEFI
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    EFI System Partition indicates you're on a UEFI PC. "Active" is an indication to the legacy MBR BIOS where to find the boot files in the MBR partition table, It has no meaning in UEFI which requires (and always boots from) the EFI System Partition. On a UEFI PC you can't change the location...
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    Could you use MS Disk Management, not a 3rd party app. They don't show what I want to see. Make sure the status column is wide enough to show all the flags
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    UEFI Booting Issue with Win10

    That can't make W10 UEFI capable of booting Linux. Read the above link.
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    can you post screenshots of your Disk Management and EasyBCD "view settings"
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    Did you note that if you are changing he boot drive to a different HDD, you will need to update your BIOS to boot from the new drive ? EasyBCD can switch active flags if only one drive is involved but it can't play around with your BIOS.
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    EasyBCD2.4 with 3 OS partitions

    When you install a newer version of Windows, it will auto-dual boot itself with an existing older version, by using the current active partition and updating the bootmgr to the later level. i.e. the old version's boot partition continues to be necessary even if you don't want the old Windows...
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    Expected behaviour or a bug ?

    I haven't used Linux for a decade or more but as far as I remember, that is normal for multiple Linux distros. The same thing applies to multiple versions of XP with the exception that Neosmart wrote a custom version of NTLDR called EasyLDR which removed the restriction (Windows XP) Only...
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    MBR location

    You have SSD Music specified as your default OS but the other drive is set as your boot drive in the BIOS (disk 0) Try changing the boot order in the BIOS to give the SSD top spot and seeing whether that makes things less strange. Disk Management flags have the following meanings "boot" =...
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    Help, please !! Repair BCD

    I'm sorry to be unhelpful, but that is really the most comprehensive explanation of how to use EasyBCD's various functions. As I'm sure it mentions in there, the "advanced" menu pages are for power users, i.e. those who understand the workings of the BCD and exactly what they are trying to...
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    Windows 10 and Ubuntu already installed: How to setup EasyBCD and iReboot to reboot to each

    I haven't used iReboot for years but I'm pretty sure I remember it only works between Windows OSs (being a Windows .NET application it doesn't run on Linux, and you need a copy on all systems to switch back and forth) Also I assume that with A PC as new as yours appears to be, it's UEFI and...
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    MBR location

    Please post a screenshot of your Disk Management and EasyBCD "view settings"
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    Help, please !! Repair BCD
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    UEFI Booting Issue with Win10