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  1. kimpot


    Hi! Could you help me fix this? I have an acer aspire one d260 with windows 7 in it. had it for almost a year. everything was fine just yesterday's morning then i turned it off. turned it on again so i could use it, said windows was configuring after it completed i typed the password and i could...
  2. kimpot

    Samsung D980

    I had it for like a month and a half and it's the first time my phone was turned off. I accidently dropped it making the battteries fall off. So it turned off by itself. When I turned it on it was asking me for a phone code but I don't remember having a phone code. I tried lots of number like...
  3. kimpot

    Stuck at copy default..\

    I updated my vista just this morning of the service pack 2. While my laptop was doing that my usb mouse and usb fan was plugged in. When my laptop rebooted it frooze while doing its update thing. So I tried to restart and I get an ERROR: !!0xC0000034!! 178/43189...