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    GUI to edit "system BCD"

    I would like to see a built-in editor, a GUI of some sort that will allow us to edit (at our own risk obviously) and easily the system BCD. I have a dual boot system with Win XP Pro and Windows 7. When I add the Windows XP EasyBCD always throws a folder into the mix called "NST" and puts ntldr...
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    Lost ability to dual boot!

    I have a dual boot system here (Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro. I was getting the error "Invalid boot.ini" and your web site said that buying, downloading, burning to CD and running your EasyRE for Windows XP would fix the error!? Well it fixed the error, BUT now I have lost the menu/ability...
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    Dual boot and root files that can be deleted!?

    First, EasyBCD sure saved my butt more than once during this project! So many thanks! Now then, I have a dual boot system I'm working on/building. The first drive (C:) is XP Pro 32bit on it's own Seagate 500GB drive. Next, I installed Win7 on the next (2nd) Seagate 500GB drive. So far, so good...