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    Vista + ATI

    got release of vista business edition from work and EVEN that doesn't work w/ my ati card :( Major dissapointment :wtf:
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    Vista + ATI

    Howdy gents, ladies, hornie ones, and murlocs, I'm facing some interesting issues when it comes to using my ATI card in vista. I thought maybe I'd create a post to talk about how your experiences w/ ATI cards & vista are? I've got a mobility radeon 9700 (Toshiba P30) & the only...
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    Dual Boot EasyBCD Not Working

    I might have a solution to your problem...well actually, ur description of hte problem gave me a solution to my problem which might, in turn, serve as a solution to yours (if that confused you...good...u r paying attention :p). This was my deal...I installed vista...shrank the...