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  1. Astrogirl

    Suggestion - make possible to create a winpe/legacy media to restore bcd using EasyBCD from boot usb

    I know you have the paid Easy Recovery program but if all we need is to restore the BCD when lost could you make bootable media a feature addition also for the free community ver as it is essential to have a working bcd? To be able to put to an ISO and then a USB. Also perhaps this may help if...
  2. Astrogirl

    Access Privilege error and very slow program use

    Running EasyBCD 2.4 Community Ed in Administrator account and get a privilege error - won't open program. Maybe my UAC or other not sure as some other programs same issue as this unless right-click and run as administrator, but this is built in Administrator account. Quad core and 16GB Ram...
  3. Astrogirl

    Suggestion: Add Hyper-V on, off, auto options

    Under advanced menu can future free and paid vers have Hyper-V on, off, auto options added for Windows entries? Great program.
  4. Astrogirl

    EasyBCD won't load on my Windows 10

    I have (build 1511_10586) retail booting on a GPT partition and at first EasyBCD 2.3 worked and now it won't even load so difficult to change and modify bcd entries. It works fine on a trial version loaded on an MBR partition. Is this a bug? Any way to get it working again? It is a great...