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    Unable to boot Win XP after a dual boot preparation Hello,

    hi everybody as you see i am interested to solve computers problems and be expierence with troubleshootings so i know that here always is answers on any questions you everybody are professionals i hope that each your explanations will be very greatfull and helpfull for me sorry if i...
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    Cannot See Networked Hard Drive

    sorry i am again too i have this problem and please if anybody can help me i have a network storage drive, as well as a couple of computers, on my home network. In Windows 7 I can automatically see all devices on the network properly. However, in Ubuntu 9.10 I can only see other computers on...
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    Internet drops out

    Hi, We have three computers at home. I have the only one running Linux, the other two are running Windows XP and using Belkin Wireless G USB Adapters. I started using Linux around November, and used a powerline ethernet cable. (It consists of two parts. One part you plug into your router and...
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    can i put here questions about ubuntu? or other linux distrubition?

    i am registrated here a few minutes and i can say this is very good forum i hope i will find very usefull information here and one question i am already registrated in Ubuntu Forums and i am only interested is is possibly here put Thread about ubuntu or about like this...