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    W3 Validator!

    OH No Guru!! look what i found!! Validator! they suggest you fix that :D lol its fun to zoom on W3 Validator and check websites to see if they are valid. Post funny validation errors here? :)
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    MediaWiki issue

    I have just installed and configured up myself a MediaWiki driven Wiki on my website. Now to my issue. I have a special character in the Wiki's title and it seems to be erroring out. It is giving me �tharn as the name. idk what exactly the issue is. :( the name works fine in the...
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    Post your fantasy computer builds!

    Post up computer builds for a single or multi-computer setups. Supply product model number and individual prices and finally a total price. --- Posting my later. :)
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    OMGosh! (return thread)

    Donald is not dead!! :D i have been extremely busy with school and work and other things (had a WoW moment for a couple months :lup: ) decided to snoop and check out your CSS guru. (started working on my site again after neglecting it for the same amount of time as your guys ) good work on...
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    html help

    peas? i need a small help with my site, its stupid and i dont know how to fix it: Ætharn ok, i grabbed the menu from someone, i didnt code it, wish i could... :( if you notice, the menu moves to stay in the center of the window.. while the body stays when i put it. how do i make it stay...
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    Starting a Business

    What would myself and my friend need to get started with a very small computer sales business? im talking everything. i know there is a bunch of fancy stuff i need to learn about still in html, css, and asp? to get it all working, just wondering if anyone would help this thread is requesting...
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    Decisions (on laptops)

    decisions lol Instead of a desktop, i have choose to get a new laptop. I had orginally wanted a Asus G50VT-X3 from newegg. but i have recently been introduced to Sager manufacture, and So for my budget of 1800 (i have a small amount of debt lol) for a laptop, i...
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    Super Pi try it, its a pretty interesting benchmarking program ^__^ free of course <3
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    aetharn means gold-lust

    lol ADD Dictionary ae: gold tharn: love, lust (hence "aetharn" means gold-lust) just did a googlie search for my site and i found this lol i think its really funny, one: becuase i dont really play D&D, so i could not have known, and Two: because i have just recently found the joy of...
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    putty and my server

    i am trying to set up a ventrilo server on my server. i need to use putty (or another ssh program) to access and execute the ventrilo client. i was just wondering, does lunar pages allow openSSH connections to the basic package or what? :( id rather run my own vent server (for less than 8...
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    wireless card hell

    ok so my desktop has been internetless for a couple months, me without a wireless card monday i finally go around to but one, reading on the box it supports vista (this card netgear wg311v3 ) i go to install the card, to find out it doesnt support vista 64-bit i dont have much time after...
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    New computer!

    New topic everyone can join in. make a wish list/new shopping cart (on newegg Newegg or Tigerdirect ) with all the items you would want in your next build. I am a genius, and turned an emailed wishlist into a webpage (ok ok my email client did it for me and i stoled it lol) but i did...
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    problems with mysql and phpbb3

    i am having issues with installing phpbb3 i have been unable to get past these screens, and idk what to do .htacess is 666 permissions as i was told on a support forum.. and idk... phpbb's site doesnt tell me what to do very well phpBB Support :(
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    ftp client

    so with my website now up, i am using filezilla to upload my files so far it is working perfectly ^__^ there doesnt seem to be many issues with it, its really easy to use too :)
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    Expression Web 2

    So i downloaded Expression Web 2 (through the MS Alliance <3) i havent really ever used a program to make html files, all the ones i have made have been hand typed lol So is it good??? :nerd:
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    so i am on my way ^__^ first step has been taken: (see first image) i also grabbed the domain was i was there (lol) so now i have looked into lunarpages, but they are too expensive for me (i need cheap monthly or free hosting) i am budgetting myself to $15 a month or less would...
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    Virtual KVM Switch

    i am looking for a good, virtual KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch. it would be nice to be completely free as well. ive searched for a couple myself, and they are hard to use, (never actually got any of them to work :( ) Addendum: so i guess synergy is a good one, ill have to try...
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    real or no deal?

    Welcome to Google TiSP so whats is up with that? seems too good to be true right? free internet well it seems you put fiber optics down your toilet and than, like magic you have highspeed is this real? checked google (lol) is april fooling us again
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    ok so i decided yesterday, after playing a flash game, "i want to try flash" so i got the program to make flash and i started working on some stuff. i havent looked online for any tutorials, so far i have done everything myself, it took a lot of messing around with to figure things out, like...
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    I found this little gem looking for a light weight browser, havent actually used it yet, but there is a google user group for it: it is from K-meleon, and i love that thing, so this should be good too: K-Meleon - Wikipedia, the free...