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    Adding XP to a new PC

    I have a new PC running Win10 on Drive 1 partition 2. Boot partition (It boots directly to now) I have restored Windows7_OS from an older PC to Drive 0 partition 2 (I can't get it to boot) I have restored DocfxitXP from an older PC to Drive 0 partition 3 (I can't get it to boot) I'd really...
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    Boots into Win7 doesn't give Boot menu for Win10

    When I re-boot this Lenovo W550s laptop I don't get a boot menu. I looked in the power options and can't find anything resembling fast boot. Docfxit
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    EasyBCD has stopped working

    When I run EasyBCD ver. I get an error window saying EasyBCD has stopped working. The problem details are: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: EasyBCD.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 562643e9 Problem...
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    Can't boot into Win7

    When I try to boot into Win7 I get a BSOD 0x7b. I am trying to repair the BCD with this bat file: @echo On :: Section Removed because of too many characters in this post :DoIt Bootrec /scanos >%~dp0BootFixerTest.txt type %~dp0BootFixerTest.txt |find /i "Windows installations: 0" >nul || goto...
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    BCD Deployment not working

    When I run EasyBCD installed in Win7 to make a USB drive bootable with an ISO file that boots a Linix OS the USB boots up to a GRUB> cmd line. If I burn the same ISO to a DVD it boots up just fine. I have tried this with: Gparted MacriumRescue PuppyLinix Docfxit
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    Installed EasyBCD in Win10 Tried to add Win7

    I have a new PC with Win 10 installed. I installed EasyBCD When I start EasyBCD it says it's booting in EFI mode. In Security, Secure Boot, I disabled Secure Boot and Secure RollBack Prevention. In Startup, I changed UEIF/Legacy Boot from UEIF Only to Both, Legacy First. Does that...
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    Beta Build 203 crashes

    I installed build 203 over the top of build 202. The installation went without an error. It said it had to Uninstall build 202 first though I didn't see it do the Uninstall. After installing build 203 the program crashes. I then uninstalled the current build completely. I then re-installed...
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    Linix ISO not loading from BCD Deployment on bootable USB

    My bootable USB is not loading: PartitionWizard9.1_32bit.iso PartitionWizardBootable9.0.iso KNOPPIX_V7.4.2DVD-2014-09-28-EN.iso gparted-live-0.23.0-1-i586.iso I'm thinking that maybe I need to clean up some of the files on the root of the USB. I currently have: F:\Boot 4/16/2015 12:30:24 PM HS...
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    BCD Deployment enhancement request

    Hi, Please consider adding a window after On the BCD Deployment screen after selecting Install BCD that Takes you to the Add new entry menu and says Please add all ISO entries you would like in the USB menu. After each entry is added please consider adding a window that asks the user if you...
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    How to update EasyBCD on USB thumb drive

    I had a problem with ver. on my USB thumb drive. I now have ver. installed on my PC. How can I update my USB thumb drive so I can run a test to see if this version fixed the problem ? Thank you, Docfxit
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    Boots to Win7, Not to XP

    I have EasyBCD 2.3 Beta Build 197 installed. I have three boot records configured. When I try to boot to XP I get a window that says: "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk...
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    How to restore files deleted with the Virus scan.

    I ran a virus scan. It deleted a number of files including some of my antivirus files. How can I restore them? Thanks, Docfxit
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    How to update the virus definitions in Easy Recovery Essentials

    I'd like to find out how to update the virus definitions in Easy Recovery Essentials. When I tried to I received an error saying: "Unable to obtain virus definition updates due to connection error" Thanks, Docfxit
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    Creating a dual boot USB

    I'm trying to make a USB thumb drive bootable with more than one ISO image. I first put one ISO image on the drive with these instructions: It worked great. Then I tried adding a second ISO image to the drive. The first...
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    Boot menu not showing

    I had XP Pro sp3 loaded on this Laptop. I created a new partition and installed Win7. I installed EasyBCD in XP. I did configure both XP and Win7. When I boot I don't see both XP and Win7 to boot into. I only see XP. How can I get EasyBCD ver. to show the boot menu with XP...
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    Can't boot to XP with dual boot

    I had both Win7 and XP booting just fine. The hard drive went bad and now I can boot into Win7 but not XP. When I boot into Win7 the BIOS has to be AHCI. (This is a SATA drive) (Win7 boots up fine) XP used to boot fine in AHCI. Now when I try to boot into XP I get a BSOD Stop: 0x000007B...
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    How to restore Win7 with XP loaded

    I had on one hard drive when booted into Win7 Partition 1 Win7 security partition F: Partition 2 Win7 OS C: Partition 3 XP D: I couldn't get XP to run. I backed up & removed partition 1 and 2. Re-restored XP and it's running now. Currently I have XP on partition 1. I'd like to restore Win7...
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    Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

    I'm getting an error saying: Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\System32\Ntoskrnl.exe Win7 is where I installed EasyBCD ver. 2.1 build 133 XP is on D: In the root of D: I have three files: ntldr boot.INI I have the file In...
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    Trying to boot to '98, XP, Win7

    I am trying to setup a boot menu to boot to: 98 xp Win7 I am getting EasyBCD 2.0.2 to create the menu. When I select 98 I get an error saying: "Invalid System Disk" When I select XP it works fine. When I select Win7 I get a boot repair window. BootGrabber /bootcfg...
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    Can't boot into XP after installing Win7

    Hi, I had XP Pro sp2 installed on drive C: I removed two drives from the laptop and installed Win7 in the remaining drive. I installed EasyBCD in Win7. I shutdown the laptop and installed the other two drives. It booted into Win7 like nothing else was there. I ran EasyBCD in Win7 and configured...