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    Hi guys:) Can I know how to use nomachine ( NXclient) to remote access into linux? Before login, there is a configuration part which requires a host and a port..Host is to insert the ip address, i do not know what port to enter? Any kind soul can help out? )= Thanks alot!
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    Can I use rdesktop to remote access from windows xp to Linux which is in the server? I have research alot and only got the infomation on how to remote from linux to windows..But i cant get any informations on how to remote access from windows xp to linux..Am i suppose to say that there is no...
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    Can Remote Desktop Connection use in Linux?

    Hi guys Can I know whether Remote Desktop Connection can be use in Linux just like windows? If the answer is either Yes or No, is there a source to proof it? Thanks guys(: Really need help!!! (: