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  1. Abraxas

    Dual boot - Windows XP won't boot

    Is the XP drive accessible from 7? Can you run chkdsk /f on it?
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    Windows Vista and XP on same HDD (C:) Problem

    One of them will have to be on a separate partition. You can't have both on the same one (as has been said). But they can both be C: if you like, for convenience. I have 3 operating systems on my main drive and they are all C:. You may have to hide the other partitions during installation if you...
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    ecran noir avec le curseur de la souri actif.

    "Hello to all. I have a small problem with my Windows 7 64-bits. When it starts, I have the window with the Windows logo, but after that, nothing except a black screen with a mouse that works, but nothing else happens. I downloaded the Vista recovery CD and burned it with Nero. I put my boot...
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    boot manager manager

    If you used a retail disk, you probably did damage that now cannot be repaired. Running Startup Repair or any of the various bootrec options from that DVD most likely destroyed the proprietary MBR placed there by the manufacturer to allow access to the recovery partition. The only disk you...
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    Operating system not found...

    You can download a create a boot USB drive with just one program. It is a very useful boot CD that you will use in the future for fixing your own machine and saving your friends' files, too. Parted Magic disk partitioning, PC repair, and file recovery tool (Bootable CD or USB image) If you...
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    Windows 7 missing srvcli.dll

    You should have a backup copy of all Windows dll's in the side-by-side folder, WinSxS. Copy it to your system32 folder with a boot CD. (On an x86 system: C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-smbserver-netapi_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.17514_none_42addd28aecda4c6\srvcli.dll)
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    You don't run the recovery disk from Windows. You boot from it. Then remove the Ubuntu partition (or all partitions) and recover 7.
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    win 7 recovery disks not working?

    Have you used that USB stick for something else in the past? The "hda" linux designation for a hard drive should not be appearing anywhere in this process.
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    Is moving BCD files etc possible?

    SR isn't magic. It is a tool and has its limitations. But as said, it restores system files and a previous copy of the registry. It can solve a large number of problems, but certainly not all. And it does this while trying to retain all the user's files and settings. I've used it often and had...
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    Vista quandary

    Even if you found a disk, you would need to buy a new license. Installations licensed to Dell won't use the same product keys as retail versions. Can you see the parttions on that drive? I'd suggest that for this and later problems, since it is a very useful tool, that you make a bootable CD or...
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    Windows Vista 64 bit repair disk is not working

    I really doubt that it is "unfixable". If all you did has been mentioned, then the partition should be intact. Try running Startup Repair several times, or using bootrec.exe from the DVD or recovery environment.
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    Add existing XP from old hd to new hd, Dual boot Win 7, XP

    Drive letters are assigned at boot time. It is perfectly fine to have as many operating systems on the same drive all on C: (as they see it). I have Windows 7, XP, and Vista all on a 500 GB drive and they are in separate partitions, all on C:. But with different hardware, your XP will not boot...
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    USB boot to Install Windows 7 wants CD/DVD Driver

    Why not just use Microsoft's USB Windows 7 Installer and save yourself a lot of trouble.
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    Vista quandary

    Don't use letters to identify your drives or you will get in trouble. Letters can and do change since they are assigned on every boot by the booting OS and are not intrinsic to the partitions. How did this all start? Do you have a recovery partition on that hard drive, or has it been...
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    Dual boot - DOS 6.22 and Windows 7 Pro

    How did GRUB get involved? It would have been easiest to just use 7's bootloader and add DOS to that.
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    Vista Recovery Disk not working

    Is something wrong with the machine? If you are having problems, and that is why you are booting the CD, it could be that the same problem is causing the boot to fail.
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    Is moving BCD files etc possible?

    You can't get the old drive to boot, if it is connected differently from the original, by copying over the files. They contain pointers specific to the new drive's location. But where did the BCD go? If it is there but in the wrong place, just restore it since it will already be set up correctly.
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    eSata drive won't boot

    Is your board even capable of eSTA boot? Vista will not boot on a machine that it was not installed on, nor from a drive that is not connected as it was when installed. And Vista cannot be installed to an external drive.
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    Looking for help with dual boot (Vista/XP)

    Unfortunately, you can't have it both ways. You have to decide whether the settings are going to be RAID or not. If truly RAID, the drives are effectively connected and XP will not be able to have an independent existence on one of the drives. If only AHCI mode, then you need to load a driver...
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    [VISTA] "Create Bootable External Media" or "Change Boot Drive" -- which should I do?

    There are plenty of tools available. Many people I know have had good luck with the deceptively simple-looking XXClone from Windows. Free Drive Cloners/Imagers (This list is no longer complete): Easeus Disk Copy O&O DiskImage Express FOG (a free cloning/imaging solution) Redo Backup & Recovery...