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    Multiboot goes to GRUB prompt after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04

    I had a multi boot setup with Ubuntu 15.10 for a couple of years with no problems, but after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04, I get the GRUB prompt when trying to boot Ubuntu. I have Windows 7 and Windows 10 on Disk 0 and Windows XP and Ubuntu on Disk 1. Both disks are BIOS setups (non-UEFI). I...
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    [EBCD-526] EasyBCD does not find Windows XP install

    I have a Win 7 and Win 8.1 dual UEFI boot on a GPT disk (Disk 0). I installed Windows XP on an MBR disk (Disk 2). When I try to add an XP boot entry with EasyBCD (running on the Win 7 install), I get an error that EasyBCD failed to detect a valid installation of Windows NT-2003 on all mounted...
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    Problem with dual boot Win7 and Win8 install on UEFI system

    I built a new system and installed Win7 on a new SSD. The system is UEFI capable, and I performed the Win7 install with UEFI boot. I created another partition on the SSD, and I transferred a Win8 install from a hard drive (with MBR and BIOS boot) to the newly created partition on the SSD. I used...