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    OS menu often not shown.

    I've been investigating the OS menus when using Secure Boot and TPM. There are several problems, but there is one that is the big problem. The OS menu will often become not shown at the slightest provocation. One way that causes it to be a no show is changing the default OS. That can be...
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    Secure Boot stuff obviously buggy.

    I'm experimenting with my new motherboard with Secure Boot and TPM. I have several bootable drives. I use EasyBCD. Sometimes I get the OS menu screen and sometimes I don't. Either way, the situation doesn't change unless I change something. It could be as simple as changing the default...
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    Me too

    I downloaded the creator lite, and the ISO, and paid for them. The USB flash disk does not boot. I tried different SD cards, different card readers and different computers. I notice when I plug it into this old MBR computer, the USB flash device is listed in the bootable list as "SCSI 0 LUN...
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    With UEFI and GPT , can EasyBCD access the BCD on other disks?

    It apparently can access the BCD on it's own disk.
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    Should I be able to have more than one Windows installed on a new UEFI/GPT computer?

    On my old BIOS/MBR computers I have multiple drives and multiple Windows installations on each drive. But now, I just built a "modern" computer with an ASRock UEFI/GPT motherboard and multiple drives and I got problems. When I install one Windows 10, it seems to run fine. When I install...
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    Windows 10 occasional startup glitch. Maybe a multiboot problem.

    When installing Windows 10 and I don't unplug my other drives first (which have Windows 7 installed), does the Windows 10 installation do something different (and disgusting IMHO) for the sake of the equally disgusting fast startup, that it wouldn't do if I had remembered to unplug the other...
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    What is EasyBCD Boot Device?

    It isn't always the "system" partition and it isn't always the partition that contains the BCD being displayed. I have 2 hard drives. I have the boot files on both and can boot Win7 from both. In the attachments, the "EasyBCD Boot Device is shown as"H", but it is displaying the BCD that is...
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    Where should EasyBCD put XP boot files?

    I wanted to be able to boot if my first hard drive got clobbered, so I put boot files on the active partition of my second drive. Stupid Win7 setup had mistakenly put the Win7 boot files there already. (That is the subject of another thread. :)) All I needed to do is add the stuff to boot my...
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    Bootmgr "earlier version of windows" is buggy

    When I have Win7 bootmgr's menu and I click on "earlier version of windows" it sometimes gives me XP's boot selection menu, as it should. Other times it simply loads the default XP installation without giving me the menu. I have 2 XPs installed and I should get the menu every time. I don't...
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    New entries not added correctly

    I have EasyBCD New entries are not added correctly. Some items are missing. BootMgr does not display these entries on it's menu. VistaBootPro adds them correctly. I have attached an entry created by EasyBCD and an entry created by VistaBootPro. The EasyBCD entry doesn't show up in...
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    Can't edit BCD on flash drive

    EasyBCD seems to want to only use the BCD on drive C. I would like to edit the BCD on my flash drive. On the "Change Settings" window, it gives me a list of drive letters to choose from. It does not give me the flash drive, even if I booted from it. If there is no Boot folder on the "C" disk...
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    EasyBCD button: Write MBR?

    I installed XP on a new machine with lots of partitions. I then installed Win7. Neither was installed on the "active" partition, the partition with boot.ini etc. on it. I copied all the boot.ini, bootmgr etc. stuff to a thumb drive that tries to run bootmgr. (formatted with Win7) I then...