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    Mike: Second attempt

    Hi guru, ok i try it a second (and last) time. what my current situation is: 1.) i have 160GB Samsung empty disc on which i want to run XP and VISTA 2.) i create one active prim NTFS partition for XP C:\ 3.) i recover an Acronis XP-Image to the first partition. the whole disc 4.) XP...
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    Double Boot: XP dont booting

    Hello Guru, i have a double-boot with vista/xp, the mainsystem is vista, xp dont boots i really dont know whats going on here.. pleaese help me... Mike (haylebob) from germany There are a total of 2 entries listed in the Vista Bootloader. Bootloader TimeOut: 30 seconds. Default...
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    Downloadlink dont works

    Hello Guru, i have problems with my SoundMAX Audio (no microphone...ans so on) and tried to download as mentioned on you page but this link dont do anything since 10 minutes. haylebob
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    Can't Install EasyBCD Bootmanager

    Hello, i cannot install the EasyBCD Bootmanager ".NET 2.0 Framework not found" i thought i have it on my PC. where i can get it? thanx in advance haylebob