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    Triple Boot, Win7 (32bit), XP, and Ubunto 10.10

    Hi Guru and Terry, I think I may have asked this before, but can you give me some simple instructions for the following: I currently have Win7 on one disk (my master disk - mbr etc), and Windows Xp on a second disk. I have EasyBCD2.2 which now just has the Win 7 entry on it because I control the...
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    BCD2.0.2 for XP and Ubunto

    Hi Guys: I have recently had to reimage a windows xp partition back to my spare computer. On this one I have C: for xp and there are 2 other parts on the same drive for Ubunto and Ubunto swap files. So I want BCD so that I can boot to xp and ubunto, I can only at the moment boot to xp. Installed...
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    Dual Boot XP and Win 7 editing BCD string.

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I have an urgent request please excuse me if its been covered before. I have been running WinXP Pro SP3 for years on a 2GHz/2Mb ram computer for several years, system disk disk0, data disk disk 1, and just put in a new disk disk 2 (3rd disk) for installing...