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    Problems after restoring a Windows partition.

    I have two copies of Windows 7 on my computer. It's an Apple Mac and the only primary partition is my OS-X partition. Neither of the Windows partitions is a primary partition. They're both logical drives in an extended partition. When I first partitioned the disk this way (around 2 years ago) I...
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    EasyBCD worked fine with Win7. Won't work with XP.

    A few months ago I downloaded EasyBCD 2.0.2 which I was using to select between two different Win7 partitions. All this has been working fine. Now I'm trying to use it with a new PC which has XP installed but will also have Win7 eventually. I tried to run the same setup file (for 2.0.2) which...
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    Is EasyBCD right for me?

    A few months ago I bought an Apple Mac Mini. Using Boot Camp, I configured it to dual boot with Windows 7. Today I copied the Win7 partition using Paragon's Drive Backup 10. This performs a block-level copy, rather than just copying files. I wanted to use the second Win7 partition for stuff like...