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    Vista boot inoperable

    After a pretty vicious virus attack resulting in my firefox brower redirecting and jumping to Gawd-knows-where, I feebly attempted to fight back with Rkill and Mbam. Rkill resulted in blue-screen reboots, never, alas, being actually activated. Mbam did report and remove some virual disturbances...
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    How to remove xp for dual boot config

    I wish to utterly and completely delete xp from an xp/vista dual boot configuration. However, I face two major hurdles: (1) unable to boot xp. When I attempt , I get error page prompt to contact administrator, etc. (2) EasyBCD has inadvetantly been deleted from my system. It is my hope to...
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    Recovery Disc incompatibility?

    A friend with an Acer Aspire X3200 with Vista Home Pre OEM mistakenly deleted registry entries and now not surprisingly Windows refuses to load. I dwnld the Vista Recovery Disc (32 and 64) and after the repair screen a window pops up with this This version of Sys Recov Options is not compatible...
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    xp si! vista no!

    Following the steps to dual xp to a vista system, when I get to Manage Bootloader to Write MBR to reinstall the Vista Booloader I get this error message: Boot Sector Manipulation Tool has encountered a problem and needs to close Yet I reboot xp and discover when I open EasyBCD it has the...