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    Crash of r99 during install

    I got CLR20r3 error during install of latest Beta 2 R99. I was installing overtop of prior release. I then uninstalled and retried the install but got the same crash. Let me know if more info is required. This was on Win 7 x86 ultimate OS. I tried re-installing R94 -99 again and they all now...
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    With VHD entry 1st in BCD list, Boot fails

    I was trying to test booting from a VHD (not as default) and to simplify selection, I placed it 1st on the entries list, however Bootmgr failed to recognise the BCD and displayed only the active partition. This OS started but when I tried to execute BCDedit, it said 'the boot configuration file...
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    EBCD Unhandled exception

    I tried to change my boot drive (C:\) to a different partition and experienced this exception. I took a snapshot (attached) and when I selected Quit, EBCD crashed. The partition the boot drive was on was a primary partition and the one I tried to move it to is a logical drive. I wanted to do...
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    ver 86 needs 'smartassembly'

    Just downloaded and installed v86 over v82 and on startup I got error dialog stating 'smartassembly' was required for execution, see attachment.
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    Bootgrabber crashes

    Using Beta2 #76 I have experienced a couple of BOOTGRABBER crashes. Usually they occur when selecting buttons, such as ISO boot or Recreate Boot files
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    VHD path invalid

    I added a Win7 VHD image (VHD entry.jpg) but when I list entries, the path is truncated at the 1st space (view screen.jpg) shown in entry #10 device. No warning is given, as it is when adding .ISOs with embedded blanks.
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    installing/running EASYBCD beta 2 rel 64 on Win7 64

    EASYBCD beta 2 r 64 installs in (x86) prog files on my Win7 rtm x64 install, but when executed (as admin) it does not bring up the GUI, but both BCDEDIT & EASYBCD show in the task mgr. I discovered this when I tried to uninstall it and it said pgm was executing!! I was hoping to try the boot...
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    Unable to reset default timeout on Beta 2-63

    Just installed the latest Beta on Win7100 x64 and tried to change the default timeout. Each time I change it and hit SAVE, it resets back to 30 secs.