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    Windows 8 Boot Menu - here's how to select text or ui

    Hi Mahmoud, In case you didn't find it already: Bootems Yes = text menu Bootems No = UI menu
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    Easybcd2 not finding MSinfo32 in pe3

    Hi Mahmoud, Easy is running great in my pe3 build. One minor glitch - it can't find msinfo32. Not sure why - it's right where it should be, in x:\windows\system32\. Any ideas what that may be?
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    Unhandled exception when trying to delete Unnamed entry
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    Build 76 - Downloader not working.

    Hi, ireboot doesn't d/l properly from Useful utilities. It appears to . But there's no sign of it afterwards.
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    bcdedit.exe hangs in detailed view

    Hi Mahmoud, I am still getting a freeze when trying Detailed View with 66. Need to End Process in Task Manager to get out of it. If I add another Real mode entry - Easybcd won't start up at all - each attempt to start results in another instance of bcdedit.exe and Easybcd in Task Manager -...
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    Easybcd 2.0 ntldr autodetect

    Hi, How, exactly, does Easybcd decide which is the correct partition to add the bcd entry for ntldr to? I ask because another poster didn't appear to have ntldr on his pc - Easybcd pointed at C ( presumably the active partition ). I tested it on my own system - Easybcd points at C...
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    Bootsect in Easybcd 2.0

    Is there a reason why bootsect.exe in Easybcd 2.0 bin folder is still version 6000? Would version 7600 replace the need for mbrfix.exe?