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    New Win7 Wallpapers

    @kairozamorro - yes, most likely a 3rd party application. @Computer Guru - Yep, thats why i like win7, its almost everything comes with it :P. INCLUDING gadgets that have the slideshow. Or the option of having your background as a slideshow.
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    Vista Startup Repair fails

    I bought a Acer laptop W/Vista basic. And quite frankly, the repair function at the startup of vista did not do anything for me. So basically i installed windows 7 home, and upgraded from that to PRO. Point of the story is I DONT TRUST VISTA.....Not even like it. I think they were focusing on...
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    Windows Recovery Disc Won't Boot

    @Computer Guru - That was the last thing that i would have thought would be the problem. Well thanks. This would be nice to know in the future :P
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    Vista Startup Repair fails

    are you able to start it up normally? if so, then scan system with anti virus programs. Also Malware & spyware programs. If not try and go into safe mode, and follow the same procedure i mentioned. If you need help getting them. Let me know. Ill help you get them...
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    strange crash when dual booting Windows 7 and Xp

    i have windows 7 pro, and was installing xp. The way i got the loader working is installed the loader before i installed the Windows XP pro. if you want a win7 repair disc.iso, i can upload it for you. Hope that helps
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    Couple of questions...

    Thanks guru
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    Couple of questions...

    I got a couple of questions that need answers. :p 1) What is Dual Booting? is it when you boot 2 OS AT THE SAME TIME or just allows you to boot one or another OS. 2) I currently have win7 installed. When i installed XP pro, it booted XP as a default. I wanna know how to make a dual boot. (be...
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    Dual Boot XP and Win 7 editing BCD string.

    Before i installed windows XP pro, i had windows 7. Well now when i installed winXP pro, it boots up automatically:rage:. I need to know how to make boot loader so that it will come up with a menu that allows you to choose what OS you want to boot from.....PLEASE HELP:ldown:
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    Dual Boot XP and Win 7 editing BCD string.

    my BCD (Boot Configuration Data file) was corrupted using your beta. I have windows 7 + Windows XP pro sp3 Result: windows will not boot Message: "The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry." Now i gotta download a iso image of win7 repair disc. the reason im...