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    Vista in-place repair

    Hi Guys - I'm back... I need some direction on how to do an in-place repair (some say upgrade) on a Toshiba Satellite Pro with Vista Home Basic. I have the Vista Boot Recovery ISO (dated 5/2008) and can remember small portions of the procedure but cannot find the tutorial link. I believe I...
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    VMWare, MS Virtual PC or Dual Boot

    Anyone had experience with VMWare or MS Virtual PC 2004 or 2007? I have taken a number of users' computers with Vista on them, and created a dual boot with XP. By moving partitions around (more space for XP) and then finding all the XP drivers, installing XP, XP updates, XP drivers, virus...
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    Restoring Vista using wrong Recovery Disk

    I know this one's waiting for me tomorrow morning so I thought I'd get a bit of a head start... I had just fixed a friends notebook (Acer 54??) which had a corrupted NTOSKRNL. I ran the (downloaded from this site) Recovery Disk and booted from CD. I went into Repair a couple of times and...
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    Dual boot XP Pro & Vista

    I have had a disk drive problem when using my XP Pro. I have managed to recover the XP Pro partition and had everything up and working (took about a week) then decided to use EasyBCD to boot into Vista partition (on C:\ drive) everything seemed okay (wrote the redirection to Vista) and tried to...