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    3 sisters project.

    3 Sisters project. OK, now at the moment I am wondering why must I sit here using VM's an taking a performance hit, I mean recently I passed on all my stock and all my old bench rigs to a friend who bought my business of me so at the moment I am down to 1 main desktop, 2 laptops (I have...
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    Can this be done?

    Hi guy's sorry for my absense of late I have been snowed under with some recent events, Mak knows the full story.... Any how I was wondering if a program could be worte to do the folowing, Write a file exactly 10mb in size to a hard drive an record the time it took to be writen to the drive...
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    Happy Bday Mak!

    Happy bday to one of the best guys on the internet an a man I am proud to call my friend. Happy Birthday! Mak an did you get anything nice?
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    Chatroom software.

    Hey anyone know of some GOOD chat room software for a web page? I would like to avoid IRC an would like it to be easy to manage. Or if IRC is not avoidable can anyone recommend IRC software an any how-to guides.
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    Bugs with the main page.

    Clicking the following i find this (listed to area). AREA Fault Research - No input file specified. Reviews - Added by Mahmoud Al-Qudsi, last edited Mahmoud Al-Qudsi on Jul 23, 2007...
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    Nlite can it be used to add drivers?

    Hey guy's. Is it possable to use Nlite to add the drivers to a MS disk? I only ask because I have got 20 identical systems to get out asap an having the drivers on the disk would be ideal.
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    Saxon's 48 hour programing Challenge.

    Saxon's 48 hour programing Challenge. Ok ladies an gentlemen, this is my 48 hour programing Challenge, in the next 48 hours commencing at 6pm GMT only taking time off to sleep an work I will teach myself how to program in C with the end result being a short program (undecided yet as to what it...
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    Who would like to know something ironic?

    Quite a interesting twist in fate Arch Duke Ferdinand who was assination sparked the first world war was warring a early type of bullet proof vest made from silk an woven steel. The fear he would be killed caused him to invest in one but it still didn't stop him from riding in a open topped car...
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    Drive mirroring app?

    Will NeoSmart ever make a drive mirroring application such as Ghost?