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    XP & Win7 Boot Help

    Hi all, I've read until my eyes are bleeding, and just when I get to the "aha!" point, the next sentence throws me. I really am a newbie, but we all gotta start someplace. Here's my situation: I have WinXP on my main HDD(0). I have Win7 on my second HDD(1) hooked up as a slave drive. I used to...
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    Dual boot, 2 HDDs, XP & Win7

    Hi all, I've been reading until my eyes are bleeding trying to figure out how to dual boot XP and Win7 on separate drives and I'm still lost. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy: On HDD (0) I have Win XP Pro with 3 partitions (C:\, D:\, E:\) and I have a CD-RW (F:\) and a DVD-RW (G:\). On my second\Slave...