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  1. Dave-22

    ZoneAlarm Prevents EasyBCD From Running

    Hi Guys, Well, it took a bit of hacking around but I found how ZoneAlarm Extreme Security prevents EasyBCD from running. It is the Zone Force Field module ISWSVC.exe which runs as a service and DOES NOT unload if you exit / stop ZoneAlarm (right click in sys tray and shutdown). I found...
  2. Dave-22

    Run XP, Win7 & Ubuntu

    Hi, I have a machine with 2 SATA drives and an older IDE drive - can boot from either SATA. I have XP installed on one SATA drive (CMOS to boot from this one) and a copy of XP on another SATA drive - small partition I had been playing around at XP install time and never removed it. I also...