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    google chrome

    just wondering if any of you had the same problem or not but i can't seem to be able to open facebook with google chrome any ideas?
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    I happened to chance upon this website so for fun i searched and i got this page and it projected a ton of information mostly accurate from what i could tell but some info seems to personal so i was wondering how it gets it such as the number of...
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    I realize that this is a bit out of place but the other day i was having some fun searching for super cars and i came across this and I'm not sure if its real (looks fake) and sadly i wasn't able to figure out its name what do you guys think kind of looks like the Porsche Cayenne with the...
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    adobe acrobat image reader L2.5

    was recently release for sybian platforms 3d series (cell phones) anyone have any idea where i can download it for free and with a working crack file and certificate, p.s. my phone is a Nokia n73 i tried downloading more than 1 file but when installed it says certificate error; please contact...
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    hp c4183

    that's the printer that i am currently using i had misplaced the c.d. so i ended up having to download the HP basic print and scan drive (40 m.b.) rather than the full c.d. (300 m.b.) if all i want is to print from m laptop was this the correct choice? this is what i downloaded: HP Photosmart...
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    recycle bin limit

    since when does the recycle bin have a limit the other day i tried to delete a game i downloaded that was 6 gigabytes it gave me a message that it doesn't fit in the recycle bin and i have to permanently delete it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    u torrent

    is it possible to have it download only when the internet is idle as in when im not using it??? because when it downloads the page takes so long to load that i get an error screen so i can't really use the internet and if i pause it i sometimes forget to turn it on after i finish and the...
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    when i open the forum

    this morning when i tried opening the forum i got the following screen more then once until i disconnected from the internet and reconnected
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    the weirdest thing

    today for some reason the charger on my laptop decided to stop working and the laptop went dead i had decided that it was dead forever so after 30 min. i was checking it for cuts and dings to see if that was the cause of the problem and i could'nt find anything but i did hear a beeping sound...
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    A Photo

    during my recent vcenture through palestine i happened to come across a truly unique and intriguing rock made by the forces of nature via water and weathering although another thread already exists for photos i thought this one was special i would just like to point out that the image was not...
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    break through technology

    Toshiba recently released a medical scanner that does everything that 1-MRI 2-X-ray 3-cardiogram 4-.......... 5-.......... do and much much more it basically makes a 3-d image of the human body including organs and vessels it shows the heart pumping blood and so much more just thought that it is...
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    googles new cellphone software

    who heard about the new cellphone software that Google released which is supposedly allow users to program and make programs for smart phones that allow user flexibility isn;t that basically what users are doing with cracked I phones
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    what is this??????

    how does an add like this get info about what ebsite i'm using plus specific details such as usenames can't passwords be obtained in the same way???????????? plus isn't it an invasion of privacy? how does it gain acess to my webpage and view it and remove onfo from it ???
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    the hardest essay question ever

    in my opinion (i made it up) this question is almost impossible to answer; answers are to be under 500 words: how do you explain any of the colors: purple, yellow, or blue to a person born blind i mean just think about it, it took Helen Keller forever to discover what water is even though she...
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    is it faster

    is it faster to: 1- restart or shutdown and then turn it back on 2- if for example neosmart bought but it would be rerouted to does it make a difference what i type p.s. how long do stickies stick???????????????????
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    i can't post the first time

    every time i write a post no matter what length (usually 3 lines) i get the following screen until i go back an press post again plus there are a few kinks in the new thread area
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    quote quiz

    rules: 1- open quote at a time (as in wait until the previous one is solved) 2- preferably don't Google it right away try nothing wrong with failure " if you don;t succeed the first time try try again" 3- you must list the name of the person who first said that quote #1- some change might have...
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    Firefox Grammar Check Plugin

    is there one i can get that will work with Firefox so that my grammar is not written as so bad as it is currently right now i know it has a spelling check but i also want grammar:huh::rage::lol::glare::point::point::booyah::booyah:;):O
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    i got this email

    so what do you think?????
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    easy bcd

    how many of you have used it how many haven't how many have downloaded it but never used it report your answer