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  1. YSbird


    To Ex-Brit: is your provider Sympatico or to any Sympatico users (for those who don't know Sympatico is part of MSN) Problem: Vista - On Tuesday Dec 9th MS sent out updates for Vista and Defender which I updated. That is when the problem started with my email. Seems that some of my...
  2. YSbird


    Ok, with the holidays coming and seeing that most here are males, thought I'd post this so you guys can help make the Xmas Fruitcake this year. Everyone can use a good fruitcake recipe, especially this one. ;) Ingredients: 1 gallon whiskey 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 4 large eggs 2...
  3. YSbird

    Win98SE Questions

    I want to install my old Win98SE and have 2 options on where to install it. The reason I want to install Win98SE is I have an older version of Word Perfect Suite which I want to start using again (for my business.) However, because it is an older version it wants to set up items on the pc...
  4. YSbird

    WIN XP Problems

    A friend brought me her Acer TravelMate 4200 with Win XP Pro, with some serious problems. These problems occurred after it was taken into a (what is supposed to be the best) computer Sales/repair/etc shop in town. All they were supposed to do was transfer files from this laptop to her new Acer...
  5. YSbird

    Looking for Free Partition Manager

    Can anyone recommend a good free partition manager? A friend needs the D drive on her Toshiba laptop (running Vista Home Premium) to be expanded. Toshiba only gave her approx. 7Gb of space on D and all the rest to C. I've searched the 'net and found a few, but not really sure just how...
  6. YSbird

    Should I reinstall XP?

    My situation: have desktop which had Vista Home Basic installed. Did a clean install with Basic, then upgraded to Home Premium. So far so good, everything seemed to be working fine. Then created D:\ drive and tried to install XP, that's when the problems started. However, I was able to...