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  1. {Ron!n}

    Google Color Restricted Search

    Find Images that Contain a Certain Color It still hasnt been implemented into their user interface but you can use the drop down they have in the article to try it out. Here are the results for Orange Sky that I got: Sky - Google Image Search
  2. {Ron!n}

    Windows Vista Ultimate License issue

    I recently purchased a Sony Vaio for my dad. However, it came with Windows Home Premium. I already bought Vista Ultimate for another laptop. Can i install Ultimate on the Vaio using the Home Premium Product key and still be able to use both laptops perfectly?? (as in updates and all) Or will...
  3. {Ron!n}

    Opera 9.5 Error 552 Issues

    Im currently using Opera 9.5 and there are some pages that i am unable to load. Like facebook, i can go to the sign-in page but after i sign in an error page comes up with the error 552. I tried opening it with Firefox and it worked perfectly. SOme people seem to have the same error with the...
  4. {Ron!n}

    Xp no more

    I wonder why they stopped it since everybody likes it so much. Or is that their way of forcing people to use Vista??? Windows XPiration is at hand - Digital Home -
  5. {Ron!n}

    Echochrome for PC

    This is actually came out before the PSP/PS3 game. Its a nice puzzle game when its full, this is only a demo/level creator: digista Lab. The whole point of the game is that whatever you see is what happens, as in if you dont see a hole in the ground it doesnt exist. Heres a review...
  6. {Ron!n}

    Check 4 Update

    Just a thought but i got my laptop back today and realised that most of my programs are outdated. Is there any program that can check your pc for programs and then check the internet for any updates??
  7. {Ron!n}

    Booting off a virtual drive

    Is it possible to boot offa virtual drive?? Say Daemon Tools or Alcohol?? I was just wondering since my CD-Drive is busted. If were to make a digital image of my Vista installation disc, could i use it to boot?? Or would it not work because you have to boot into the OS before accessing the...
  8. {Ron!n}

    Mosquitos/people under 25

    I saw this article a sceond ago. Wanted to know what you guys think. It is pretty old but this is the first i heard of that sound used like this. I knew there was this sound that could only be heard by people under 40 but this is different i guess: BBC NEWS | UK | Mosquito device divides opinion...
  9. {Ron!n}

    Outlook Express

    I remember reading somewhere an this site about Outlook Express stopping the DAV protocol, this came in the monthly Microsoft newsletter along with the X-Files 2 trailer link i posted: Q: "I received an e-mail saying you are going to disable Outlook Express and I will no...
  10. {Ron!n}

    Mighty Mouse Lawsuit

    I read this article and i have a couple of questions: Apple and CBS sued over Mighty Mouse name, lawyers come to save the day - Engadget Shouldn't CBS sue M&M for the Mighty Mouse name in the first place?? They have the name copyrighted since the cartoon.
  11. {Ron!n}

    Img Burn Sony issue

    Has anyone tried burning a Sony DVD+RW using Imgburn?? Im using a JVC DVD-RW and it always works fine. However when i tried using the Sony it said it has to be erased (even though its brand new). Then it said i can inly use a full erase (no quick, which works with the JVC). Then after that...
  12. {Ron!n}

    CPUs Codenamed After Cities?

    I wasnt sure where to put this but look at Montreal: AMD Plans 12-Core Server Chip In 2010 - Yahoo! News Why do they name them after cities???
  13. {Ron!n}

    Birthday Problem

    I was reading another forum and someone mentioned this article: Birthday problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I wonder how many are similar on this forum.
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    I tried changing my password today and i got this message: The password supplied does not meet the minimum complexity requirements. Please select one that meets these following requirements: Is at least 0 characters has not been used in the previous 0 passwords must not have been changed in the...
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    ITS MAY!!!! 1931: The Empire State Building is dedicated 1997: Labour Party returns to power in Britain 1941: Citizen Kane premieres 1967: Elvis gets married
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    If only any of us had a time machine we could go back in time and register a couple of domains, too bad. Here's one lucky guy who owns a time machine: BBC NEWS | Americas | US man gets $2.6m for domain name Imagine 2.6 million!!! I wonder how much would go for. ;)
  17. {Ron!n}

    Shutdown way toooooooo long

    Im running Vista Sp1 and to shutdown/restart it takes at least 5 minutes. it will quit windows explorer and say shutting down with the blue circle and then you have to wait forever till it finishes. Any ideas???
  18. {Ron!n}


    1- April 1st 1991 I was Born !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) P.S. why dont you do an april fools prank like some websites. I wont say which so that i dont spoil it for anyone.
  19. {Ron!n}

    Funny Names/Words

    I was at a cafe yesterday and they had the name of their dishes/coffees as peoples' names so i thought id share some: 1- Gilt E. Azell Steak 2- Coffee Anan 3- Len Meabuck 4- Al B. Zienya (probably the weakest one) 5- Hugh DaMann 6- Buster Cherry 7- Hugh Jass ( My favorite one) I know...
  20. {Ron!n}

    Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii

    I know all of us here are PC fanboys but i wanted to know what you guys think about consoles. So vote and say what you think. i personally lean to the 360 because of the games, but the PS3 has Blu-Ray so its a toss-up. P.S. My browser quit before i could post the poll, if one of the moderators...