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    GRUB4DOS - flash drive - made a boot mess before EasyBCD shown

    GRUB4DOS - flash drive - made a boot mess before EasyBCD shown I'm assembling a new system and, as I have not yet installed a CD/DVD drive in it, I was thinking of using a flash drive to install XP Pro w/SP3 as the initial operating system. Once I was satisfied with things I would install Win7...
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    Easy BCD 2.2 beta build - minor install error

    Downloaded 2.20 Build 160 - setup identified the program as 2.1.1 during installation routine. When done > Help > About showed Might want to change the install script to show corrrect version - some could be confused.:??
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    EasyBCD fails on XP

    Have multi-boot: XP Pro w/SP3, XP Pro x64 w/SP2, Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1. EasyBCD installed in all three and had started/appeared on desktop ok. Downloaded EasyBCD (EasyBCD 2.1.1 Beta - Build 150.exe) and it installed OK in both XP versions but would not appear on the...
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    Multi-booting, EasyBCD, and EASUS Partition Master

    Multi-booting, EasyBCD, EASUS Partition Master I have two each WD 1Tb hard drives installed and each of them are divided into four partitions each; of varying sizes. Drive #1: C:\ = Primary/active partition: boot drive with boot loader, boot menu, and a number of folders containing...