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    windows7 bootloader screen

    Hi, I have 5 operating systems spread over 2 hard drives. I recently had cause to repair my win7 install. When I selected win7 from my bootloader (chameleon) I then got the windows7 bootloader with win7 recovered and win8 recovered. This was because I had the hard drive with win8 connected when...
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    Easy bcd getting better and better

    Today I tried the latest easybcd and used it to boot win7 32bit, win7 64bit, xp, Ubuntu and almost osx. I have never been able to use it to add linux and osx at the same time before. The last hurdle is that the osx bootloader part is not booting my osx, I need to know where I can find...
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    Windows explorer win 7

    Windows 7 comes with a quick launch explorer icon. By default it opens up Libraries. I would like it to open Computer, just like when you choose computer from the start menu. I have tried deleting the quick launch entry and then draging the computer icon from the start menu to the quick launch...
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    Magic button for easy bcd

    I have a wish for a magic button for easybcd, when you click it, easybcd would check every partion of every drive for an os and then create neogrub entries for them all. Very lazy for me to wish for but I just cannot combine my two linux entries into the neogrub menu. Just a wish. Mike
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    neogrub help

    Hi, I have just installed Ubuntu 9.1 and OpenSuse 11.2 on my second hard drive. I have windows 7 on my first. Each version of Linux has the bootloader on their root partition. I can add entries successfully to each of them using ebcd although I have to edit the (hd0,2) to (hd1,2) for Suse. I...
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    build 61

    has anything been added to build61 regarding OSX and having to select disc81? Not nagging, just curious. Mike
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    neogrub wiki down

    I'm trying to find a tutorial for manualy editing the neogrub menu so that I can add multiple Linux distros.The main source appears to be the wiki which is down.Any other sites worth looking at? Mike
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    hi everyone,I've been doing some thinking on my OSX boot problem and think it might not be a problem with bcd but the way I installed it.Because it screwed up windows when I installed it,every other time (There has been lots) I've installed it I have unplugged the windows drives. This means OSX...
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    New feature please.

    Please can I request a feature to be added to a future build of easybcd. I would like to see an option of selecting actual drives and partitions when adding an OS. Because Linux and OSX insist on writing something to all the drives in a system even the ones you are not installing them to and so...
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    Hi everyone, I've tried adding an entry to my OSX installation which I can boot from if I use F12 during post. If I try using the entry I end up with the error, Calling chainbooter Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart. Now, during the boot process there is a point at which...
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    I have installed Ubuntu 8.10 on a seperate hardrive. I have added an entry to it and checked the box which says something about it not being on the boot drive (sorry I'm not on Vista at the moment). I need to edit my menu.lst file but it is not the same as older versions that I was familiar...
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    Vista + xp + xp

    I have just built a system for my son,he wants two xp's to optimise for sound and video and vista for everything else. I created the partitions and first installed XP, then I installed another XP so I had a boot menu with 2 XP's.I then installed Vista expecting 3 entries bit only got Vista and...
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    Going for 5!

    I am very close to booting 5 os's but the last one being a bitch. My setup is this 2 sata drives in a raid setup containing Vista/XP/Data partition 1 pata drive with Server2008/Ubuntu 8.04 and Suse 11.0 I cannot find a way of adding a bcd entry to Suse,I have tried adding it to the Ubuntu grub...
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    Adding server 2008

    Hi everyone, I currently have Vista and XP on a pair of raid0 drives and Ubuntu on an old pata drive. These are all booting fine through easybcd. I'm thinking of splitting up the pata drive so I can put windows server 2008 on to try. Has anyone got any advice before I go ahead. I will probably...
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    Separate drives

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem. I have Vista and XP on a raid 0 drive happily dual booting thanks to easybcd. But I also have Ubuntu on an ide drive because there appear to be no drivers to allow me to install it on the raid setup. Now I don't seem to be able to select the ide drive...