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  1. jharris1993

    Enhancement Request: Allow user to specify a custom MBR file instead of the default

    Hopefully I have put this in the "write" place! :lol: Enhancement Request: When adding a 'nix entry to the BCD store, EasyBCD provides it's own psudo-loader. And, it is possible that this solution may work for a number of people out-of-box. In my own case, I prefer to use the OS supplied...
  2. jharris1993

    Wish-list entry: "Manually" edit the BCD Store from within EasyBCD

    Here's a real head-scratcher for you. Though it's not something that you would want to use every day, there are occasionally times when it would be PRETTY DARN CONVENIENT to be able to edit the listing you see in the "view" window. In my case, I very frequently install dual-boot configurations...
  3. jharris1993

    Updates for EasyBCD

    Ref: Blog entries at I am going to propose some changes in the 2.0.2 EasyBCD. BUG: When you select BCD Backup/Repair --> Change Boot Drive, the drive shown is always the "C:" drive even if that is not the current location for the system store...
  4. jharris1993

    EasyBCD is a Hot Smokin' Weapon because:

    I have started this thread to give people a forum to describe the feature, use, whatever that convinces you that EasyBCD is a "Hot Smokin' Weapon!" Ref: My posting - Another reason it's a Hot Smokin' Weapon: Virtual Machines. EasyBCD installs...
  5. jharris1993

    EasyBCD Wins QA Tech-Tips "Hot Smokin' Weapon" Award!

    EasyBCD Wins QA Tech-Tips "Hot Smokin' Weapon!" Award! It is a distinct honor and privilege to announce that Mahmoud and everyone else at NeoSmart Technologies have been awarded the (supposedly!) highly coveted "Hot Smokin' Weapon!" Award for their EasyBCD product by a unanimous decision of the...